Local Television Advertising
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Our self-serve system allows businesses of any size, in over 75 DMA’s across the country, to purchase TV advertising spots!

Local cable television advertising is a unique subset of the overall television marketplace. LocalCableTV.org provides advertisers a new way to run campaigns, test ideas, or simply brand themselves!


Brand Yourself! Stand Out From The Crowd.

Sure, running a TV advertisement would hopefully bring business in the door every time it runs…. but that’s not really how local advertising works – most of the time!  We’re not talking about millions of viewers, but thousands…

That’s why local cable advertising is OUTSTANDING for branding your business in your area. It’s cost effective to have ads running on one or more networks in your market, so that your business is top of mind over the competition. Couple TV ads with your other strategies, and you’ll elevate your ROI on your overall campaign!


Coordinate Your Campaign with Social Media

Our campaign packages are cost effective! Bundle your TV campaign with your social media strategies to lift  your results.

Television advertising is still extremely effective. But it’s also clear social campaigns have their benefits.  Run parallel campaigns: one ad on TV and another (or the same ad) possibly with different call to action coupons or phone numbers, to identify which medium is working best in your market!


Data Analysis

In order to obtain the best rates possible, we don’t schedule specific times of ads. We do what is termed “Run of System” scheduling of your ads. That means the system automatically inserts your ads ad various times and dates.

At the end of your campaign, you’ll receive a “run report” showing dates, times, and networks on which your ad has run. You’ll then be able to evaluate those details against your objective. Be it unit sales, calls, per day, or possibly overall increase in business during the dates the campaign ran.


Reach Thousands Of Viewers at Very Low Rates!

Select one of our cost-effective packages, and get your ad up and running amazingly fast!!

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