Advertise on Local Cable TV!
10,000 impressions for as little as $25!

Test your Message! Brand Your Business!

Generate Leads/Sales!

Your current or potential customers will be impressed when a your company shows up on a television screen. There is a perceived level of success when a company has advertisements running on television. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception as to how easy or difficult it is to actually run advertisements on television. That’s why we built! We make it simple to advertise on local cable networks across the country! provides a simple, familiar online tool for businesses of any size to plan, and purchase television ads on local cable systems across the United States.  Much like online advertising with Google Ads and Facebook, once you become familiar with the tools we provide, its easy! Think of as your online local tv ad agency!

Here’s how it works:

We’re an ad agency and a technology company. As an advertising agency, we’ve obtained the advertising rates from hundreds, and soon to be thousands of small cable systems across the United States.  After selecting the state, and the DMA, or even the system/zip codes you’re trying to “touch” with your advertising, you have the ability to customize your advertising.

  1. Choose the DMA (marketing area) or even refine to a local cable system in the DMA, or even the zip code or codes
  1. Select the network or networks you wish to be viewed on
  1. Select the package to fit your budget
  1. Pay
  1. Upload your commercial
  1. Set your start date

That’s it!

Once you complete your first advertisement, you’ll be prepared to upgrade  your budget, test different messages, try different networks, and really hone your